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R397332 MAP NO: R-3711-028A0-02700-000 2.52 Acres Gross (2.13 Acres Net) M/L being: Lot 44, Block 14, Klamath Falls Forest Estates, Highway 66, Plat 1, Klamath County Oregon
$16,000 cash or $19,000 finance. If financed, $500 down and $247.98/mo. (12%, 12 years) Or, if 12% and 20 years, with $1000 down, payment is $208.70/month. No prepayment penalty. Three years to cash out and get 10% off what you owe at the time. A year to go look if you buy sight unseen and switch equity to another lot if you are not 100% happy.
Zoned for one home! Power and phone believed to be approx. 1000` away. Nice trees! Fairly level. Open areas.

South side of Bly Mountain. This unit has a community well with a four inch main and some of the owners haul their water and have cistern type systems.

Just a few moments off the State Highway 140, on Bly Mountain, 30 minutes east of Klamath Falls.

Good gravel road access. Mostly level. Old name of the road was Marlin. Now it is called Thunderbear.

Scattered Ponderosa pines. Small openings or clearings in which to build. Two football fields of land to build on. The previous owner had a small trailer on the land with a rough cut drive and pad on the lot.

Great land for privacy. Great country living. Ready for the eagles and deer?

The lot is 190` by 490`.

This land was manicured of all the sage and underbrush at one time. Nice parcel!
CONTACT: Call Michael E. Long at (503) 680-1144 or email at oregonlandman@gmail.com
NOTE: Google map coordinates:
42.339316 -121.413667

This land is on Bly Mountain, just above the small town of Bonanza. Bonanza is about 25 miles east of Klamath Falls and has a school through high school. Only a few hundred people in the town. Land sits about 30 minutes to the east of Klamath Falls, just north of Bonanza. The elevation is maybe 5000`, about 800` above the valley floor so it gets snow in the winter and is nice and cool during the summer months. Elevation on the valley floor is about 4200` and this lot is probably 5000` to 5200` in elevation. Snow in winter could sit for some time. I`ve seen several feet in this location most years and more on some occasional years. People commute from this area into Klamath Falls.