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2.7 Acres M/L: APN:003-551-351-000 Being Lot 129 Pleasant Valley Highlands, #2, Siskiyou County, California CAMPING IS LEGAL ON THIS LAND. ZONED FOR A HOME.
$10,500 cash or $13,200 finance. If financed, $200 down and $175.74/monthly for 12 years, at 12%. $148.14/mo. at 12% 20 years. No prepayment penalty. Three years to pay off and get 10% off remaining balance. If bought sight unseen, you have a one year option to switch the equity to any other lot if you are not 100% happy when you view the land
West of the small town of Dorris, California, off highway 97, just south of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Very private.

On Rainbow Lane 6 parcels south of Bumper Bend Dr. on the right or west side of the road.

No neighbors close. Across the street from this parcel is a shortcut road to another lot with an abandoned structure.

Top of ridge. Flat first 100` then slopes (south) down into the valley by a cedar grove. 40` snag down on the land adjacent to the road. Scattered Pines and Juniper, some Ironwood too.

Slight view to the south. You can see a ridge in the photos. Real rocky. Maybe use the rocks as build material?
NOTE: NOTE: NOTE: This land is zoned for a home, as well as camping. You can legally camp there for 30 days a year, but I have talked to people that have lived there year round in their RVs and trailers and have not been asked to leave.

GPS: 41.991698 -121.970819