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R182956 Map No:R-3311-03300-05100-000 9.86 Acres M/L being: Southerly 415` of the Easterly 1035` of Lot 10, Block 7, Klamath Falls Forest Estates, Sycan Unit, Klamath County, Oregon. ALMOST 10 ACRES!
$16,000 cash or $19,500 finance. If financed, $1,000 down and $247.98/mo. (12%, 12 years) No prepayment penalty. Three years to cash out and get 10% off what you owe at the time. A year to go look if you buy sight unseen and switch equity to another lot if you are not 100% happy.
Very remote. North of the town of Beatty, Oregon, which is east Klamath Falls. Level. Mostly open. Some trees on the west side and north boundary, near the east side.

Former owner had to give the land back due to a heart attack and health. He just paid $900 for a survey. I can provide the buyer with copies of that paperwork.

TONS OF SURFACE ROCKS! How about a rock business? Maybe create fences, foundations, or invest in a rock crusher for gravel material?

Maybe grow a garden between the rocks? This area looks like it might get a bit of moisture from the snow run off.
CONTACT: Michael Long
(503) 680-1144
NOTE: This area is remote. I suggest you do not try to find it on your own with the GPS but rather set up an appointment. Give me a call. (503) 680-1144

GPS: 42.662642 -121.189290 Note: This GPS is on the SE corner of the parcel, as it sits on the NW corner of Bull Pine Road and White Oak Way.