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R394923 2.44 Acres Gross (2.3 Acres Net) M/L being: Lot 45, Block 97, Klamath Falls Forest Estates, Highway 66, Plat (Unit) 4, Klamath County Oregon (Click here for pictures.) Price reduced 4/24 $7,500 cash or $9000 finance!
$7,500 cash or $9,000 finance. If financed, $200 down and $120.58/monthly for 12 years, at 12%. $101.90/mo. at 12% 20 years. No prepayment penalty. Three years to pay off and get 10% off remaining balance. If bought sight unseen, you have a one year option to switch the equity to any other lot if you are not 100% happy when you view the land.
This lot is mostly level, very slight slope from left to right. Mostly level from front to back.
Rough access road, unimproved at this time. Old drive on land that goes back about 100'. Graveled toward the end. Most the trees are on the west side of the land. Cleared secluded setting in middle of land surrounded by brush and trees. Rear of the land is open and rocky. Maybe build a rock fence? The lot is 200' in the front, sits on Gaur Lane and is 500' on deep.

No power or phone close, but it is in the unit.

Some brush in the middle of the lot that could be cleared (Sage, bitterbush, Manzanita, etc.)for a home.

Gravel road access. This area has a road association. The land sits in what is called Klamath Falls Forest Estates. The cost per lot per year for Road Assoc. Dues is about $28.00.

The area is on Bly Mountain, just above the small town of Bonanza, just about 25 miles east of Klamath Falls, off the old highway 66, now called highway 140.

Bonanza has a post office, park, resturant, gas station, mini mart, school through high school, etc.

Much wildlife in the area. You will probably see deer daily.

Snow comes in this area each winter, but many people live in this area and commute to Klamath Falls daily.
CONTACT: Contact Michael E. Long at sales@oregonland.cc or call at (503) 925-0981
NOTE: DIRECTIONS: Take highway 140 east toward Lakeview from Klamath Falls or highway 97. Go about 25 miles until you start climbing up the hill and have passed Bly Mountain Cutoff Road. You'll see the little green pump house for Unit One on the left and a sign saying "Klamath Falls Forest Estates Unit 4" and another sign "Kingfisher" that you can turn right on into the unit. Go down Kingfisher until you hit Humminbird. (second cross road) Go right. Immediately go right on Mockingbird. Go to second road Gaur and turn right. Go down 2000' and lot is on the right. Marked with red ribbons on each side.

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42.335437 -121.385300